“About” page on a personal blog about education

Hello and welcome to my blog. I’m Charlie and I’m over 35 now. I never got into a college and chose to be a salesman for a computer hardware company. The pay isn’t the best in the market but neither were my qualifications. It’s as if unless you have a good degree, people find it hard to believe that you are actually capable of performing at a very high level. I talked to my boss about a raise and he says my educational qualification is what that’s pulling me down.

Searching for new pastures
And so I decided to get a college degree after all, and search for new pastures. I figured that with a college degree and nearly 15 years of experience as a salesman, I should be gold for these FMCG based companies! I found out a community college in Colorado and enrolled myself as a science student for a 3 year course.

In the beginning
In the beginning it was great to be honest. I made tons of friends (being a salesman, I developed the skills of communicating with people easily) and the professors were good as well. Maybe I should say that I was their favorite since I used to pay attention in each and every lecture of theirs but at the same time, I don’t enjoy a great relationship with books. Only by listening to their lectures, I used to give most of my exams and fared reasonably well in my semesters as well!

Understanding the importance of education
The thing is that you have to keep on performing consistently in this course, which I found it to be bit tough in the beginning. Later on, I grew accustomed with the pace. Education teaches you many different things that takes many years to acquire naturally through experience. Consider a boat, the water is the education, you’re the boat and the rudders are your aims. Only by the combination of all these three factors can you reach your destination.

Into the future
There was a scholarship program for students like us, but since I wasn’t the brightest student, I didn’t get that. However, I had made a healthy reserve in my days as a salesman and found no difficulty to maintain myself either. I had to find a part time job, and it took nearly a month to find this local grocery store where I found a job as a cashier. But after 3 years, I’m pretty sure that once I complete my degree, I’m going to start earning big and become financially independent as well!