Furthering Your Education When You Are A Nurse

I was working in the nursing field for about ten years when I started to get kind of bored with my job. While I was happy with the location I was working at and management was very easy to work alongside with, I was looking for something new and exciting. Unfortunately, my education that I had was only going to take me so far and I was not eligible for a number of jobs on the market that intrigued me. It was at this point that I decided to start looking into opportunities for furthering my education.

The field of medicine progresses as time goes on because of new technological advances and new discoveries in the world of healthcare and medicine. Ongoing research means you have to stay educated and thanks to a field of work that is always in need of new faces, nursing is an always evolving field of work. Luckily, you don’t always have to head back to the classroom for extensive classes that will take you away from work and from your family.

There are a variety of opportunities that let you learn something new but in a more flexible learning environment. Travel nursing is one of these opportunities. You basically get to build up your nursing experience at a variety of different locations and environments. In a short amount of time, you gain more hands on knowledge than you would learn over the course of a few years in the classroom. You can work in a hospital and learn emergency medicine, or specialize in a more specific area like cancer treatment or infant / child care. When you have learned all you need to learn, you can move on to a new area while gaining valuable experience but still working and making money.

You also have the ability to sign up for nursing classes at your local college. You do not always have to enroll for an entire degree program but you can focus on specific classes that teach you what you are looking to learn. I found this to be most helpful, as I could take classes that got me valuable experience for jobs I was looking to apply for. I did not always need to have a specific degree in order to apply, many facilities were just looking for some education or experience for a certain focus.

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