Scholarships Skyrocketed My Graphic Designs Career

Anyone who is passionate about art, knows that this is not a very financially rewarding career at the onset. You need to not only establish yourself, you need to be good enough that people are willing to pay their hard earned money for your products. When you are still in high school you simply think that once you finish your senior year you will be able to get work in any art studio and start making the big bucks. This journey is much more difficult than you imagine.

In order to get myself in the best possible position to earn more money, I need to secure an art degree. In order to get an art degree, i needed to go to a great art school. I lived with my mother, who supported three kids on a waitress salary, she was in no position to send me to any college let alone an expensive art school. I could see in her eyes that it broke her heart that she couldn’t help me with my dreams, but I had a plan. My art teacher told me that I should enter some art contest to win prize money for my tuition. She them pointed me in the direction of art scholarships.

I had no idea what an art scholarship was, but the top prize was definitely enough to get me to take notice. Here was the opportunity I needed to further my education and get my degree, putting me in the best position possible to start earning top dollar in this highly competitive field. I entered these scholarships and really took the time to focus on exactly they required. I got my mother to help me with the scholarships, having her critique my work and help me to craft the final result so it was the best possible work I could produce.

We got second place prize money on one scholarship, and were still waiting to here from one of the larger programs. They called my mother at work to tell her that not only did I win, they were going to pay for my school, my supplies, and my training materials too. I was going to live the dream, all in part to the generous scholarships that are waiting for talented individuals to take advantage of today. I owe everything I have to these programs, and I tell students I come in contact with each day that they need to focus on those programs to get the best possible education available.

The Exciting World Of Having A College Degree

Not everyone in this world is cut out for college. This is a fact. However, this is not an excuse for those of us who can indeed go after it. I learned this first hand when I launched my college career.

While I was in high school I had been on the fence about going to college. I had the idea that I could perhaps go into the working world instead. I thought that somehow this might be a better use of my time. I was wrong. I quickly realized that there were few jobs for those who did not possess a college degree, and many of those jobs that did exist were not great in terms of pay. I realized right then and there that I would have to figure something else out if I was serious about getting a career.

My plan was to go to college and figure it out from there. I did not know for sure what I wanted to study. I learned quickly though that this was not a matter of huge importance. It is possible for a person to figure these things out along the way. Those who have yet to make up their mind have the opportunity to do so while they are there at the school. This was the position that I found myself in. I did not have it all figured out, but I realized that I also had time to get those ducks in a row.

It was amazing to me to see the support that I was receiving from professors and others on campus whose job it was to help make sure that I was successful. I did not realize that schools had programs like this. They wanted to see me with a degree in my hand as much as I wanted to earn that degree.

It did not take long for me to figure out what I wanted to do while I was at school. I decided that I wanted to give back to this community that had treated me so well. It was decided then and there that I would go into education. If I could seek out my degree in that, then I would go ahead and do so. This was what made it possible for me to get through school in the first place, and I wanted to offer that gift back to others.